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Our extensive array of services is tailored to cater not only to individual clients utilizing desktops and laptops but also to businesses across Angus. These services address diverse issues encountered with mobile phones and smartphones, which have evolved into multifunctional devices running a variety of applications. Given the complexity of these modern gadgets, hardware-related glitches and software-related malfunctions can arise. Our specialized mobile phone repair solution offers a comprehensive remedy for all types of mobile device issues. We extend our services to both corporate entities and private individuals throughout Angus and surrounding areas.

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Wide range of repaired devices

Regarding the key advantages of using our services, it’s crucial to note that we are skilled and seasoned experts who utilize modern diagnostic tools and cutting-edge equipment to perform a wide array of repairs. This empowers us to proficiently address diverse issues across various types of devices. Our expertise extends to repairing both older mobile phones and the latest models of well-known brands like Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, Nokia, and Motorola, among others. We possess comprehensive knowledge about the intricacies of such devices, encompassing common and intricate hardware as well as software malfunctions.

Send your device to us

We receive devices via the post all the time to be repaired and mailed back ASAP. This means you are only without your device for a few days. View our repairs for your Mobile Phone below that you can book online.

Please see our most common Phone models of repairs that we handle most often. We can handle all mobile phone brands, please contact us if your model is not listed below.

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Mobile phone repair Angus – services provided

We extend a diverse range of services to cater to both individual and business clients in Angus. Our offerings encompass a variety of assistance, including but not limited to:

Glass and display replacement – We address shattered or damaged glass, a concern that obstructs visibility and can impair the touchscreen function on modern smartphones. We can get your device back up and running ASAP.

Battery replacement – Our mobile phone repair service in Angus covers battery replacements, which are more intricate in smartphones. We handle this task professionally, providing durable and high-capacity batteries suitable for specific phone models, and use Genuine products where possible.

Smartwatch repair – We can handle a wide array of smartwatch issues and damages, effectively restoring functionality across all brands.

Software repairs – We don’t not only excel in hardware and mechanical troubleshooting but also effectively resolve software and operating system glitches. We tackle both common and intricate software issues.

Motherboard replacement and repair – Our comprehensive mobile phone repair service in Angus covers motherboard support, servicing, and maintenance. This eliminates the need for premature device replacement and ensures sustained, trouble-free performance over an extended period.

Rely on our expert assistance to keep your devices functioning optimally, ensuring extended lifespan and uninterrupted usage.

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