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If you encounter any issues with your desktop computer, our Angus-based computer repair service is here to offer you professional aid. We assure effective assistance for a range of malfunctions and glitches. Our computer service includes the resolution of both hardware and software-related problems. It’s important to highlight that we prioritize not only the efficiency of our repair work, but also its swiftness, top-notch quality, and adherence to appropriate technical standards. This support includes diverse updates and consistent computer maintenance. Additionally, we excel in rectifying startup glitches, performing Windows 10 installations, and accommodating other requested services for computer repair.

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Computer Repair - professional & extensive

With out Computer Repair service, it is very extensive and includes many practical services. Below, you will find the most popular and relevant repairs regarding any computer repairs that we handle.

  • Computer won’t start:
    A computer that won’t even turn on can be a worrying time when you need to access your files or do your work. There is a huge range of issues that can cause this but with the right know-how then we can pinpoint the issue fast, allowing us to get stuck in and repair the problem to get you back online.

  • Display Problems:
  • Other than the issue possibly being the monitor you are using, there can be BIOS or Graphics Card issues that are causing no display from your computer. Sometimes the BIOS can get corrupt which many people believe is an end of life problem but we can remove the chip from your motherboard and reprogram it with the correct firmware to get you back working again. This is a fairly quick process and can be done generally within 1 hour of receiving your computer and troubleshooting to this point.

  • Windows start-up issues:
  • The main and most common issues here are corrupt hard drives, windows files corruption and drive conflicts/updates. Rest assured, we can find the exact cause of this and get it resolved for you. If the hard drive is corrupt we can replace this with Windows loaded on already and recover your old data for you at the same time.

  • Building your own PC:
  • Many people like to build their own computers now as it can be cost effective. Although it may seem daunting, they are easier to build than you may think, we can build these for you to meet your specification or advise on how to do it yourself. We stock every computer part that you might ever need and with 3,000 items available, we are sure there is something for you. Please visit our homepage to view all parts available. If you are buying multiple items at once, please contact us and we can create a bundle for you to save even more money on that custom PC you want.

  • Maintenance & upkeep:
  • It is good practice to take preventative measures when using any kind of electronics for long periods of time. Allowing us to maintain your computer every 1-2 years can avoid overheating, build up of dust and any premature failure of components inside your computer.

  • Improvements & upgrades:
  • Sometimes you may require more punch from your PC, with the latest games and working from home becoming more popular. They can be very demanding on resources in your computer, we can upgrade virtually anything inside your PC to help it run at more power and faster speeds. Whether you just want a larger hard drive, increased RAM or even a powerful Graphics Card for your latest game, we can upgrade it all for you.
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Professional and fast computer repair

Due to the vast experience and knowledge of all computer failures, we can repair a multitude of devices everyday. This allows us to complete most of our repairs the same day as they are dropped off to us. We will notify you if it will continue into the next day or if we have to order an uncommon chip or other part that we may not have.

After contacting us, many of our customers will bring the device straight into us and we can get started on it there and then. Although we can’t allow a drop-off and wait service, we continously keep you updated with any findings and next steps so you always know the same as we do and at the same time. After all – it’s your computer!

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